10 Ways to Incorporate Bridgerton Style Everyday!

     If you’re like many of us, you’ve been utterly captivated by the hit Netflix series (based on the books), Bridgerton.  The Shondaland creation spared no expense in the luxurious details of this intriguing period piece.  The interpretation is refreshingly modern as well with examples from the music, with the violin score of Maroon 5’s “Girl Like You”, or the actors of all ethnicities. But, nothing quite takes this story to the next level like the opulent details throughout.

     Everything is so strikingly beautiful, no one can take their eyes off the screen! So, it was easy to see such a banquet of beauty would inspire a generation for years to come. No doubt, we will see it on next season’s runways, interior design, and art. If you binge watched the series and was hungry for more, wait no longer. This blog will show you 10 ways anyone can incorporate the beauty of Bridgerton into their daily lifestyle. These 10 tips will prove to be a testament to self care. So, if you want live life to the fullest, elevate your style, and feel pampered, you’re in the right place! So, let’s get started!

     Enjoy garden life! Bringing the outdoors in and throughout will add luxury and opulence. You can do it on a small scale or large scale, depending on your budget. It could be as simple as bringing in strategically places floral arrangements that you picked up from the grocery store or local florist. Plants last for a long time and can be inexpensive from your local nursery, Home Depot, or  Lowe’s. You can grow your own garden. Adding whimsical plants and touches with roses, purple wisteria, Jasmine, tulips, and or shrubs adds color and beauty to any space. 

     Growing your own garden can also provide an endless supply of cut flowers or potted plants for the indoors, dinners, and decor. Creating a floral or plant scape indoors adds interest to a small or very plain space. If allergies are an issue, bring on the faux! Shrub walls, silks, and even floral wall paper are great ways to add luxury and fun to your decor. Be creative and just enjoy!

     It’s time for tea! Tea was such a staple in the series and the British do it everyday. It can be a simple tea or high tea, but the idea of taking a short break around 3pm seems like a good idea in our fast paced society. Afternoon tea is the perfect little snack time, when most of us notice a dip in our blood sugar or slight hunger between lunch and dinner. Tea can be a healthy snack to take the edge off till dinner. Fruit skewers, tea sandwiches, or a veggie and cheese plate are simple and easy. You can even substitute tea for coffee or hot chocolate. Slowing down for as short as a 15 minute break is just the thing to smell the roses and uplift. 

     The next three tips are all about elevating your life! Enhancing your decor can be super easy and done with things you already have around the house.  Take out the China and silver. If your China and items have dust on them, it’s definitely time to enjoy the fruits of what you’ve acquired. Use a single tea cup for your weekly or daily tea. Use your China salad plate or dessert plate for little bites during tea or breakfast on the patio.  Decorate an old corner table with your tea or coffee set, so it is ready to go. 

     If you don’t have any chic decor or items around, check out your local thrift shop or antique shop. The shopping alone is fun, and many post items on social media for virtual shopping and offer curb side pick-up for safety. Adding texture can be simple with a beautiful luxurious throw. Tapestries are fantastic for adding period inspired style to any space too.

     With the world turning outdoors due to Covid, you can do almost everything outside. Entertaining, eating, games, or just relaxing outdoors. If it is cold, bring a blanket and light that fire pit. Gardening again, can provide a feeling of accomplishment and beauty, as your enjoying the fruits of your labor. 

     Incorporating Bridgerton style into your wardrobe is all about dressing impeccably! Follow these 4 tips and you’re sure to look and feel amazing! Don’t be afraid of color. Spice things up with a jewel tone or a pastel. Get an expert to help you find the most flattering colors, shapes, and necklines for you. Then, incorporate some embellishments through accessories. Jewelry is a finishing touch that should be precise, not overdone. Although, knowing where and what to add is important. Have fun. Use a broach to add sparkle to a simple sweater or to hair for an updo. If necklaces are super delicate, layer 2-3 to add interest. The necklace and neckline play off of each other, so make sure they don’t clash. The scoop or square neckline was prevalent during the depicted time to show off the décolleté and jewels to their beat advantage. 

     Hats are great as well. For men and women, you can have lots of fun with hats. Find what works for you and enjoy trying new ideas. Know what is flattering for your individual style and you will be like a kid with a cool toy!

     Mindset is so important, if you want to pull off opulence and luxury. Confidence is key. You are wearing the clothes, enjoying the decor, and living the life to please YOU! Pay no mind to the haters. You know what you like and you’re inspired to elevate to living your best life. Staying humble, kind, generous, and comfortable in your skin with a joyful abundant mentality will bring more joy and abundance to you within the Universe. Be a Queen or King in your own right over your domain. Even, wear a crown, if you wish. Bridgerton style inspo is definitely more than just the clothes and decor, but a mindset for sure. Enjoy and own it!






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