Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo (AFWT) Fall/Winter 2019

     With nearly 9 shows a day over the span of a week, Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo proved to be a marathon requiring stamina and prior planning to maneuver.  I was even more impressed with this year's designers and lineup than last year.  This event keeps surprising me with the details.  Most importantly, the focus for this Fall 18/Winter 19 Season was all about the trends.  Most notable, were the metallic elements popping up in many of the shows.  Metallic booties in silver, gold, and rose gold, metallic woven into fabrics and accessories, and metallic even on the traditional Japanese wear in Jotaro Saito's line.  Other trends included the most beautiful embellishments, fringe, and head pieces.  Many of the brights from Spring and Summer are carrying over to Fall and Winter as well, like soft mauves, citrines, magentas, and cool blues of peacock and cobalt.  Hounds Tooth is clearly here to stay for another Season as well.  Some of the best jackets and slacks in hounds tooth will be hitting the market soon for pre-order.

     The richness of this coming Fall and Winter lines can carry over into any wardrobe, male or female.  Try out the trends with something small and inexpensive first, like a scarf, jewelry, an extraordinary head piece, jewelry, or shoes.  Add to what you already have with a smart scarf in velvet or a tie with metallic elements.  If you love it, then go for a piece that works with and compliments your already existing pallet.  You don't have to buy a complete outfit to enjoy the trends.  But, if you are confident and ready, try some of these inspired designs from our gallery or let us help you find the right fit for you.  Let us know what you think and feel free to ask questions or comment below.

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