Building your Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe

     First off, what is a capsule wardrobe? The term has actually been around since the 1940s and has come and gone from the general public’s fashion consciousness a few times. The capsule wardrobe is a limited, carefully curated collection of clothing edited to make getting dressed easier, time efficient, color coordinated, and more sustainable long term.

     The concept is also very similar to the “Parisian” style of dressing. Where, French women are famous for their style of dressing in a cosmopolitan way. Their style is similar to the capsule wardrobe in that it works well for small closet or armoire spaces, for walking everywhere, and wearing classic tailored style on a budget.  

     So, if you have limited closet space, a budget, want an easy formula for getting dressed that isn’t too fussy, limited on time, and still want to look put together and chic, the capsule wardrobe is definitely for you. With the added benefit of more sustainability, having less and donating the rest, you’ll find you’re helping the environment too. You won’t just buy and throw out clothing indiscriminately all the time. You will have classic pieces that will last and look chic for a lifetime. 

     Now, the edit! Beginning to build the capsule wardrobe starts with a heavy wardrobe refresh or editing. Purging, storing, donating, and repurposing are important first steps. It helps you clear space and take inventory of what you already have that can work. 

     Next, take note of what you need to round out your wardrobe. You may have your core pieces, like a neutral pant suit, a crisp set of classic blouses, or bottoms, but not the right accessories to work with your wardrobe. It will cost less to coordinate and add verses starting from scratch with an entirely new wardrobe. 

     Minimalism or doing more with less doesn’t mean boring, basic, or plain either. Look for the classics with beautiful tailoring or a unique edge to them. The wardrobe still needs a healthy dose of personality and individuality. It must enhance your look, not make you invisible or blend into the crowd. Clean lines are a must and make accessorizing stand out even more. Scarfs, heels, and statement necklaces will pop wonderfully against the base or neutrals. 

also, getting dressed will be so fast and easy, you’ll have extra time prior to work and throughout the day for those things you may have put off. You’re ultimately paying upfront for more time in your life. Decision fatigue is a real thing and especially true with trying to find clothes to wear under pressure. So, do yourself a favor and start editing.

Below, is an example of a Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe and a checklist of what you’ll need to get started. The items are interchangeable and can be mixed and matched to build additional sets from.


     Lastly, pay particular mind to buying quality. The entire wardrobe doesn’t need to be full of top of the line designer apparel. Be smart, consider your budget, and get the best bang for your buck. Designer accessories cost less than their outfits. Get great shoes and invest in designer belts, bags, and scarfs that can dress up less expensive pieces. You can get designer items at consignment shops, already tailored too! 

     If you have the budget, get the big items, like two and three piece suits, a classic designer purse, dresses, and dressier tops from designers you love! The investment will pay for itself in no time. 

     If you have more questions, feel free to ask or comment in the blog chat below or reach out to us on this website contact page. We can definitely answer your questions and help build your capsule wardrobe.

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