The Inspirational Style At This Year’s Inauguration


     Today’s Inauguration was an ushering in of a new era. There was symbolism evident in the moving music, speeches, and notably in the fashion. The displays of couture and official style did not disappoint. The First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, set the tone and the style of the day continued, well into every element of the historical event.

     Dr. Jill Biden escorted the President wearing a sky blue dress and coat made by Alexandra O’Neill for the label Markarian. The custom pieces were tweed, with teal velvet lapels and cuffs. Her décolletage area of the dress displayed sheer organza lined with a jeweled neckline accent.  The textured fabric was subtly embellished with Swarovski crystals throughout and a matching sky blue silk face mask. The perfect pairing included an elegant pair of nude pumps. The ensemble was chic and sophisticated, befitting the occasion with elegance and and a lovely sense of style.

     As the first female Vice President, amongst other groundbreaking titles, VP Kamala Harris showed great personal style in her own right with her pearls and purple custom suit by Christopher John Rogers. There was a sense of power suiting and femininity emanating. The purple was symbolic in the mixing of the two party colors, red and blue. She was a walking symbol of American style, grace, dignity, and simplicity. Purple is a regal, biblical, and official color that is striking for any occasion. The symbol of unity, was evident and a welcome site.

     And then there was JLO! Jennifer Lopez was not playing with us. Oh no. She came, she saw, she sang, and she slayed! Adorned in head to toe suffragette white Chanel Fall 2020 couture sequence wide leg pant, Boucle white coat with silver buttons, and a silk ruffled high neck blouse. The pearl and diamond intertwined signature Chanel earrings were the perfect complement to her stunning emerald cut multi-carat diamond engagement ring and pearl bracelet. As always, her makeup and signature long lioness mane blonde tresses were flawless!

    The men were not to be outdone. The President, as well as other guests, wore black and customary conservative styles with dignified ties and lapel pins. The men were well styled, handsome, and looked great in Ralph Lauren, whose tailoring is impeccable and whose styles have graced numerous other presidential inaugurations.

Lastly, but not least, Lady Gaga was styled in the most opulent ensemble of the day. Her design of the day was created by American couturier Daniel Roseberry, the artistic director at Schiaparelli. The couture gown included a black bodice with back zipper and a stunning rouge billowing gathered silk faille skirt. Of note, was the substantial gold dove broach on the bodice with gold olive branch in the beak. Her style definitely made the biggest impression of the day. 

     The defining element was the fabric and warmth of all the fashion at today’s Inauguration. The ability to demonstrate great individual style, while still remaining warm, is a testament to the spirit of style and function to endure any environment and the elements. Although, having a great stylist also doesn’t hurt, to think of the little details and help make sure no detail is missed. 

The night also ended with a Virtual event that was just as entertaining and inspiring as the usual Inaugural Ball. VP Kamala Harris spoke to the crowd from the National Mall in a televised celebration in a black silk tuxedo ensemble with silk lapels. She looked at ease and stylish presenting for the Virtual celebration. Then, we saw the Biden family in the White House viewing all the performances live in formal tux and gowns in an intimate gathering. First Lady Jill Biden closed the night accompanying the President in a knee length white formal sheath with sheer floral neckline and sleeves, as they watched the fireworks display to Katy Perry’s “Firework” song. 

     The night of festivities is over, but the work towards unifying the country is just beginning. Although, we don’t all agree on politics, we can agree on the beauty, prestige, and inspiring style which, transcended beyond the differences displaying unifyisymbols that are quewntisentially American. 

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